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Nov 6, 2012 9:00pm CST
on the telephone right now is the rev. jesse jackson, hello sir. >> i am in columbus ohio tonight and... you push away blacks you push away labor and they stayed away. sir i'm sure you are aware that your son has been reelected in his district tonight and i'm sure that makes you very happy but a lot of us are wondering why there wasn't a campaign headquarters or someone here to talk to about that. because doing this expression again thankful for the people expressing things but he is under medical volition right now and we pray for his recovery. your daughter in law sandy junior's wife fights for it. listen let me assure you that johnson is a businessman a wife in the city council person. but the focus has been on his health. >> high rev. this is cliff and of course let me say to john that i talked to dennis today was on my show every thursday. the gentleman is great and people ask me can he come on a regular basis and people just love him. >> the rev. should think about supporting sandy his daughter in law. >> there is a negative campaign tried to suppress the vote as becoming st
Nov 3, 2012 9:00pm CDT
with b-c, wake forest and southern cal still to play. the illibuck trophy up for grabs in columbus, the unbeaten buckeyes against illinois, winless in the big ten coming in and winless going out... the illini down only 7-6 after the first quarter but it got ugly fast, braxton miller to rod smith, 51 yard touchdown, 24 to 6 there... and a few minutes later, it was 31 to 6... carlos hyde ran it over for his third touchdown of the first half... illinois had a terrible time trying to score in the first half, nathan scheelhouse seems to be going backwards in his development at quarterback but illinois can't compete in this arena under any circumstances ohio state beat 'em, 52 to 22.... northern illinois against winless u-mass, huskies win again, 63-0... jordan lynch played one half and one series, had 348 yards of total offense northern goes to 9-1 for the season, 6-0 in the mac... next up, a monster game wednesday november 14th against toledo... a guaranteed isu victory in terre haute... brock spack and illinois state against indiana state, winner likely to get an fbs playoff invite, a
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2